How to survive the Winter School Holidays with kids!!!

By now this may come in handy!

  1. Break it up!

We all love our unplanned, unstructured days at home with the kids, but let’s think about this, an entire two weeks, in winter, will seriously test your sanity. We need some sort of balance and a plan! Try alternating your “relaxing” days with play dates, ship them off to the grandparents for a night or two and plan some activities (COVID permitting).

  1. Put the kids to work!

Once the initial excitement of School holidays wears off, that’s when the sibling fights and the dreaded cries of boredom start to creep in. Redirect their energy, all kids love technology these days. Get them to make a video of some sort, ie. how to bake a cake or build a spaceship out of Lego. This task will keep the kids occupied, make the video recipients smile and buy you a little extra peace and quiet.

  1. Say no….and mean no!

Be realistic about the number of activities you say yes to. Turning down the 10th party invitation for the weekend is ok, know your limits! The kids will survive, after their meltdown from being told no! Also, say no to candy canes for breakfast, not only do you get the quick sugar high, you then get the BIG downer which is even worse!!

  1. Take a deep breath before reacting!

Think of your belly as a balloon, as you deep breathe in your belly blows up like a balloon and when exhaling you are releasing the balloon. Deep breathing has the power to calm your body and brain. Remember this when your kids start pushing your buttons, we all know they will at some point!

  1. Escape!

The world will keep spinning if you take time out, try getting a massage, sit and enjoy a cuppa, get your nails done. Indulge! Find a babysitter or do a playdate swap with a friend, or just give your husband the gift of that little bit of extra bonding time alone with the children, he will love it!

  1. Perspective

Your children will not be emotionally scarred if you do not go to that 10th party or to the zoo 16 times. Holidays are supposed to be fun, take a step back and enjoy. Your kids will be happier and so will you! Be present, time is the best gift of all, time is what your kids will remember.

  1. Plan B

If all the above fails, I have one word…. WINE!!! It makes everything better!