How did you announce the arrival of your baby?

I have seen so many different ways new parents have announced the arrival of their baby. We were, I guess, ‘traditional’, a phone call to close family and friends and just asked them to spread the word. We were excited but exhausted!

I came across an incredibly honest and relatable announcement made by Paloma Faith (I googled, she is a Singer-songwriter…hahaha…. I had no idea….getting old!), it was titled “Pregnancy diary”.

“Well I’m not pregnant anymore! I had a planned c section yesterday I’m in a lot of pain and didn’t sleep last night but it’s worth it to see and meet the new little cherub I have in front of me. It’s been about 30 hours and already I’m exhausted, sore and my nipples are on fire with a baby piranha that wants to kill me.”

Who else can relate, I just love her honesty and had to share!