Baby Names

Baby names are a hot topic throughout all pregnancies and are so hard to agree upon!

Here is how our team at Captured by Anna decided on their names. It may not help you AT ALL, but you never know!


Tessa  – Tessa was my doll’s name as a child and I always said I’d like to call my daughter Tessa. Luke liked the name too.

Grace – Grace was Luke’s choice (I also liked it). My cousin had just passed away so I wanted to use her name as a second name so let Luke choose Grace and then Emily as her second name.

Paige – Paige took forever. Backwards and forwards between heaps of names and neither of us liked each other’s choices. Then I mentioned the name Paige and we both liked it so that’s what we went with.


Banjo – We both knew that we wanted something different but not too different, like Apple! We went back and forth and then my partner came up with Banjo, I loved it instantly and even more when Anthony told me why. It’s obviously after Banjo Paterson and Anthony’s grandparents were from Ironbark, just like the poem Man from Ironbark. Banjo Paterson was born in Orange (same as Anthony), he was married on 8 April (Anthony’s birthday) and their first family home was in Queen St, Woollahra, two streets away from our first place together. There are many more funny coincidences but you get the picture.

Jimmy (not Jim, James or Jamie) – Jimmy was hard. I wasn’t sold on it as I thought it was a little too common. Anthony was not going to give up though, it was the name of one of his uncles, whom he was close to. One day Anthony taught Banjo (2) how to say Jimmy, which melt my heart and had me sold on Jimmy! I couldn’t picture him with any other name now, he is as cheeky as it sounds!


Lilly – Lilly’s name didn’t come from anything special. Tim and I just both liked the name after searching Google for ages!

Archie – Archie’s name came from the TV show Riverdale. We were watching it all of last year and we decided we really liked the name and it stuck.


Good luck with choosing your names! Ladies, after childbirth if you still have not agreed you can use the old “I went through labour” card! haha…worth a shot!