Are you looking for the "Perfect Gift"?

Are you pregnant, just had a baby or know someone who has? Finding the perfect gift is always hard!

Don’t worry, we have you covered! 

Album Registry is the perfect group gift for Maternity and Newborn memories. It is unique and so simple to set up.

It’s the perfect gift, especially for those who can’t be close or who would love some gift ideas.

Did we mention it was simple to set up!? We can even provide the wording for you to send out to all your family and friends! I know, amazing!

Here is how it works….

1. Decide on your Photographer. (That would be us!)

2. Your Photographer (US!) set up the photo gift registry.

3. You share the registry with your loved ones via invitation and your social networks.

4. They give towards your memories and leave a beautiful message.

5. Receive a notification every time a gift is made.

See, so easy and an amazing way your loved ones can ALL gift you the perfect gift!

Ask us about it today!